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A new partnership for INTERCARGO growth

5 March 2018

The INTERCARGO team has started 2017 with a double boost. Christian Hochegger is expanding pan-European truck operations and Nadine Christ has joined the planning team. In addition, our long-serving colleague, Susanne Berger, has been granted the power of attorney.

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Gerhard Manzella receives the power of attorney

4 September 2017

On 28 August 2017, the executive management awarded Gerhard Manzella the power of attorney.

Since April 2016, Mr. Manzella has been contributing his in-depth knowledge to the “Forwarding Land” department.

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Power of attorney for Werner Pattermann

28 December 2016

On 22 December 2016, the executive management awarded Mr. Pattermann the power of attorney as recognition of both his professional and further training achievements.

Mr. Pattermann has been lending his expertise to the “Forwarding Land” team since June 2012

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New in the team: freight forwarding trainee Rachana Negi

22 November 2016

Since August, Ms Negi has been undergoing training as a freight forwarding administrator at INTERCARGO in Salzburg.

Rachana Negi is 21, was born in India in 1995 and came to Austria with her family as a ten-year-old. She attended commercial college in Salzburg, where she successfully passed her A-levels and as a consequence now has an opportunity to complete a shortened two-year, specialist training course.

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Gerhard Manzella strengthens our Forwarding Land team

21 April 2016

Gerhard Manzella joined INTERCARGO on 1 April, since when he has been using his long-term experience to the benefit of the Forwarding Land team.

Gerhard Manzella was previously employed at a large, international forwarding agent for over twenty years and has therefore greatly enriched the INTERCARGO team with his proven competence in the field of professional logistics services.

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Irene Feichtinger awarded the power of attorney

28 December 2015

On 22 December 2015, Ms Feichtinger, who has been a member of the INTERCARGO team for the past ten years, was granted the power of attorney by the company’s executive management.

Ms Feichtinger is responsible for the "Forwarding Sea" and "Forwarding Bulk" areas within the company.

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INTERCARGO sponsors a Styrian show jumping starlet

December 15th 2015

Her name is Lara Stampler-Ullrich and she is thirteen-years-old! However, the schoolgirl from Graz is already more than capable of astonishing and delighting the spectators at gymkhanas. In 2104, she became the Junior Styrian Show Jumping Champion for the first time and this year defended her title successfully and fault-free. Helfrid Mooshammer, the INTERCARGO CEO: "It was a real pleasure to see Lara in action."

The specialist journal www.reitsportnews.at writes about Lara: "This is a young Styrian talent that one should keep an eye on!"

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Helfrid Mooshammer becomes an "Economics Senator"

November 24th 2015

With a communication from October 20th, INTERCARGO GmbH was inducted into the "Senat der Wirtschaft" (Economic Senate SDW) and Helfrid Mooshammer appointed as an SDW senator. The INTERCARGO CEO: "I am delighted to assume this new role. Social co-responsibility is for me a genuine concern, whether as a person, citizen or businessman."

The "Senat der Wirtschaft" (SDW), which is the Austrian section of the Global Economic Network, was formed in 2008 under the auspices of the SDW president and former Austrian deputy-chancellor Dr. Erhard Busek and the board chairman Dieter Härthe. The SDW membership consists of leading figures from the spheres of business, science and social affairs. Induction into the SDW takes place on the basis of a recommendation from an existing member, the presidium or a decision-maker from the social area.

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INTERCARGO Motivation prizes for the Hakzwei winners

30 June 2014

On 25 June 2014, Helfrid Mooshammer and Petra Lang from INTERCARGO joined Prof. Huber-Krimplstätter and Prof. Schiendorfer from the hakzwei Salzburg (commercial academy) in congratulating the four teams that won this year's Motivation Prizes.

INTERCARGO has been sponsoring the practice company of the hakzwei Salzburg, "LTS Logotrans Salzburg, Internationale Spedition", since 2000. The latest topic for the four teams from the Euroklasse (3AK) was: "A branch analysis accounting for green logistics".

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Isabel Weissenbacher completes her apprenticeship

23 May 2014

On 15 May 2014, Isabel Weissenbacher completed her final apprenticeship examinations with honours. Helfrid Mooshammer and the entire INTERCARGO team congratulated their young colleague on this success.

Having passed her "Matura" at commercial college, Isabel Weissenbacher commenced her apprenticeship and training as a forwarding specialist at INTERCARGO on 2 July 2012.

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Petra Lang receives the power of attorney

March 19, 2014

On March 19, 2014, Ms Petra Lang, INTERCARGO’s Head of Forwarding Land was granted the power of attorney.

Following the completion of commercial college studies, Ms Lang joined INTERCARGO in 2001. Once at the company, she then undertook an apprenticeship as a forwarding merchant, which she passed with honours. In 2011, she was allocated executive authority.

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A convivial celebration to mark INTERCARGO’s 20th birthday

December 4, 2013

Around 100 guests answered the invitation to come to the Hotel Crown Plaza Salzburg-The Pitter on November 30, 2013 in order to celebrate the INTERCARGO’s 20th birthday along with the company’s founder and CEO, Helfrid Mooshammer, and his team.

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Power of attorney for Sabine Keller

15 December 2012

Helfrid Mooshammer, the INTERCARGO CEO, has awarded the power of attorney to Sabine Keller, the company’s head of accounting.

Ms Keller has been working at INTERCARGO since 2001 and already received the authority of general power of attorney in July 2003. Apart from accounting, Ms Keller’s assignments also include reporting and she has continually supplemented her qualifications in the fiscal law and personnel accounting areas by means of further training courses.

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INTERCARGO honoured as a quality pioneer

August 30, 2012

On August 30 in Vienna, INTERCARGO GMBH was presented with the qualityaustria Award as the only freight forwarding company. Seventeen other Austrian quality pioneers also received this prize for twenty years of uninterrupted ISO 9001 accreditation.

The qualityaustria Award for pioneering quality management

This prize is presented exclusively to companies possessing twenty years of uninterrupted ISO 9001 accreditation. This standard currently represents the most successful, international management system available and is regarded as the parent norm for a variety of derivatives. Moreover, at its heart is a successful, long-term, customer and process orientation.

As Konrad Scheiber, the Quality Austria Trainings-, Zertifizierungs- und Begutachtungs GmbH CEO, stated when handing over the prizes: "Persistence, thoroughness and the will to strive constantly for success constitute abilities that are essential for certification over a period of two decades."

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